What Do You Care?

This is our first full length album. Side one was recorded during the summer of 1988 and side two was recorded during the summer of 1989. It was released on Oct. 29, 1989 on vinyl which is still available from us from bandcamp as well as your favorite format.

Ear of Corn #10

Trial Size #3

Stranjer Fanzine #10

High Cost of the Cross Zine #5

Secular Humanist Tendencies Fanzine #4

Buzz Fanzine Vol VI no 56

Feedback Fanzine #4

Glans Penissis #5 09/1992

The Early Years - 1987 - Live On KXLU - Bright Future? - Bright Future?/Live on KXLU - S/T 7" - Save Room for Dessert

Society Gone Madd is on VIAble UTTerance records